Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The student body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. This babe proceeds to educate in her classroom when that babe should be getting ready to make her imminent special delivery. That is dedication to all XL Chaps.

The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to dress as that babe pleases. This lady-killer is a tit-man too, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that display acres of warm, velvety cleavage made to engulf a lucky man’s face or dick.

The lesson plan this day is all about Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably mountainous pantoons, her enjoyable pussy-hole and sex education in general. It’s a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating everything on her desk. This babe wishes her students to know everything and what more nice way than to use her own captivating anatomy.

It was no surprise that when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after she left. Everybody went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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