Fresh Curves, More Bodacious

New Curves, More Bodacious

Ann Calis was a SCORELAND Angel in 2014. Now she’s back and making her launch at XL Angels.

“I adore to wear gracious clothes that make chaps watch me,” Ann told, with the assistance of our translator. That is effortless for Ann, a girl who makes people whip their heads around to inspect her cushiony curves, whether she’s coming or going.

“People say to me I’ve a enjoyable body and priceless and large mambos. I love that cuz this is anything that is supposed to mean ‘woman.’ I receive many compliments that I’ve a very fetching and lovely face. I dont like to acquire remarks from mean boyz. I also have lads tell me wherever I go that I have very bigger than run of the mill, marvelous mammaries.”

“I love to think I am open-minded about everything. So this could be the most nice thing about my personality. Physically, I feel my face and my bigger than run of the mill meatballs are my most priceless features.”

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