Cleavage In The Classroom

Cleavage In The Classroom

New off riding the high, stiff one with her ally Scarlet LaVey in the trio “Good Girl/Bad Goddess Roommates,” Nikki Smith is back for some cosplay act as a excited coed lugging 38H super-tits and getting a little also feisty in a classroom. Why high-school students are not allowed to enjoy love this on campus is one of the great failures of our educational system.

Nikki herself was a cheerleader and a dancer in school. “It took lots of undergarment support, adore doubling up on sports bras just to keep ’em down so I could be strapping,” Nikki said XL Angels magazine’s editor in issue #244. (A copy should be in your collection.)

“They looked cute in uniforms though. I was popular, but my breasts were even more popular. But I did not mind likewise much. I kind of love the attention.” No doubt!

Nikki had a blast with Scarlet during that Roommates scene. They shared a blast also. A cum-blast.

“I actually look at tons of threesome porn. It is adore the foremost of the one and the other worlds. You have the penetration, u have the precious rod, but you still have gracious cuties going down on each other. How much better does it get, truly?” Now Nikki can say she is done it too.

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