Sightseeing With Nikky

Sightseeing With Nikky

Looking for photo ops around city, Nikky Wilder and the XL Beauties workers checked out a deserted, graffiti-covered choo-choo train depot where she showed off her large, suckable milk shakes. Afterward, Nikky and company went to a coffee shop to loosen up and relish the Florida sun.

Over coffee, we asked Nikky if she watches her XL Cuties movies.

“I saw them alone the first time and with a man-friend once more,” Nikky replied. “I haven’t had sex watching ’em but that sounds hawt. It’s on my bucket list now, so thank you, XL Angels!”

Next up for Nikky is a XXX scene with one of her man-friends from XL Cuties. It’s a tent pitcher, for sure. Nikky’s scenes always are!

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