New Discovery!

New Discovery!

Nila Mason isn’t fluent in English but her traffic-stopping looks and giant titties (M-cups) speak louder than mere words. That is by no means avoided XL Beauties from finding and photographing the most-amazing big boobed wonders around the world. A translator helped our photo team bridge the language barrier.

Nila (pronounced Nee-la) told that the funniest comment a guy’s ever said to her–so far–was “Your parents did a precious job.”

“A lot of bucks will compliment me about my eyes. That is fine even when I can watch they are not looking into my eyes….you know where they are looking. I take no offense if they are delightsome about it. Chaps will be men!”

“A gent needs to be romantic, considerate and persistent to need to know me. This man should be a sexy boy and if this man can make me chortle, I will like him even more. I won’t have sex on the first date. I need time to need to know a dude 1st.”

In a Bonus movie scene, Nila tries on taut tops and, charmer, can this babe fill Them out. One more great new discovery from all-stacked, all-plump XL Cuties.

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