Nila Mason & The 2 Males

Nila Mason & The 2 Studs

Our XL Beauties photographer fills Nila Mason with gleeful expectation when this Lothario tells her that that babe has a surprise envisaging for her behind the bedroom door. Nila opens it and sees 2 of the huge dudes, Steve and Max expecting in sofa to provide rigid wang service. Nila knows them from separate encounters and knows what they can do for her.

Smiling, happy and tingling with thoughts of things to cum, Nila sits between the 2 already-naked males and plays with their stiffies. They slowly disrobe the deliciously thick and well-rounded brunette bra-buster, worshiping her mountainous, enormous love bubbles.

Nila takes turns sucking every strapon. One time again, Nila raises the bar, getting hotter and hotter in her scenes. This time, she has 2 chaps to play with and she’s game for a doubles match. One of the most-popular-ever beauties, Nila is one very lusty looker, crazy for recent thrills and chills, and now she has 2 chaps to fun her.

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