Nila’s Really Large Expose

Nila's Actually Big Show

What do readers of XL Beauties mag need to say about glamorous brunette Nila (pronounced Neela) Mason? A lot! Here are some letters from previous issues.

From Seth:

“Dear XL Girls, I dreamed and XL Cuties identified her: fashionable cutie Nila Mason (SP306). I hope this babe will not stop with solo posing and our dreams of her rogering with a stud will come true. Nila is simply charming. She is glamourous in each way: eyes, smile, hair and, obviously, her bewitching curves deliver the knockout punch. She’s a honey bunny of curvaceous proportions and my recent much loved. Thank you, Nila.”

From P.W.:

“Dear XL Beauties, Nila Mason (SP306) is flawless in every feature. She cant be bettered unless that babe can gain a bit more weight around her belly, hips and butt.
Magnificant shape, form and skin tone, color and texture. The size of her nips is spot-on. Her funbags are velvety and ample. Her wet crack lips are the consummate size for mouthing.”

If u look up the definition of man-pleaser in the dictionary, you’ll identify a photo of Nila Mason.

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