From Japan With Titanic Bazookas

From Japan With Titanic Boobs

This very illustrious boobstar will be recognizable to many, and the Japanophiles who know the bigger than typical tit beauties of her country will know immediately who this babe is. Now calling herself P-Chan, her 46-inch, 36J-cup super-naturals and ripe rack have lastly made their way to The SCORE Group after years of trying to sign her to the team.

P-Chan loves to play billiards and go to the batting range. “I played softball in midst school,” says Miss P-Chan. “I don’t have any much loved teams right now. I do nail art as a hobby and I love gonna eat with allies. I like Korean barbeque.”

It was merely natural that P-Chan saw the opportunities in exposed modeling.

“I adore being a adult model coz I go to gracious locations, I’ve a lot of freedom u cannot have in an office job, it’s more fantastic financially and I am pleasured to unveil my body.”

“My idea of a perfect date would be to go eat some great food, go for a walk and a talk, then finish the night doing karaoke.”

Please bend to P-Chan and extend her an XL Gals welcome.

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