Pounding The Pledges

Pounding The Pledges

The cast for the movie Pounding The Pledges was a big-boobed fantasy team of voluptuous and curvy angels. 3 of ’em were recent. Tera Cox, April McKenzie and Sabina Leigh had the bodies, faces and milk sacks. Panther had already been active for a pair of years and was becoming one of the top big busted darksome sex stars, but she hadn’t lost her girl-next-door appeal

The four pledges have been rejected by the other sororities on campus ‘coz their milk cans are too big. Boob prejudice promoted by the big boobed Taliban is everywhere, and the academic environment is no exception. Only Omega Meatballs accepts large-breasted pledges.

Gianna was ideal as the snarling sorority sister with a ribald throat who cracks down on the pledges and acquires them to copulate their brains out with the campus males.

Gianna desires to discredit a rival sorority president and assigns Panther and Sabina the job of seducing her rival’s spouse, the campus stud, and getting each suck and thrust on clip.

The idea turns Panther and Sabina on. When the boyfriend displays up, Panther and Sabina give him the digi camera and put on a sexy girl-girl expose. Panther pulls down his jeans and sucks and jerks his fuck-stick. He loses it and copulates the hell out of Panther whilst Sabina records ’em with one hand whilst fapping herself. Gianna’s underhanded plan worked perfectly.

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