Patricia In The Middle

Patricia In The Middle

Patricia Gold’s bigger-than-big wobblers are basically pouring with out her corset. It has the appearance of smth gave way and her titties just spilled out. This babe sits between Neeo and Thomas on the daybed but they won’t be sitting for very long. They have three-way games to play.

Today is Make A Patricia Gold Sandwich Day. U take Patricia, receive her nude, put her between 2 fellows with large salamis and squirt some of that peculiar sauce on her.

Patricia suggests up a feast of flesh, a banquet of breasts, to her 2 hook-ups. When one cock-slinger is banging her throat, the other is banging her stupendous scoops. Then they take turns on Patricia’s soaking-wet lady-hole, plugging her to the hilt.

“I have made 2 XLGirls clips with studs. One I made with Thomas (“Hot For Gold”). So when they asked me if I wanted to have two studs for a recent one, Thomas brought Neeo. I’ve not at all been so ravished previous to in my life. I did not know how sex can be until they showed me. They are 2 real smutty boys and I loved it. I at no time had this kind of adventure until I became a adult model!”

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