Queen of the Gutter Sluts

Queen of the Gutter Whores

Holly Halston is the undisputed queen of the gutter bimbos. No other neighborhood street prostitute comes close to the wildness of this back alley bitch. Holly likes to wear swimsuits and platform shoes topped off with a stripper’s boa. This babe can’t live without to advertise her goods and one-up the other bitches. How many big boobed hookers will take a customer’s ramrod bareback? Engulf a weenie freshly popped out of her own anal opening? Brag that that babe enjoys the smack of her own ass off a John’s dick?

Holly runs her back alley territory with a immodest mouth, using language that would make a dockworker in Marseilles blush with embarrassment. She chases off fella dominatrix of the evening Soleil Hughes, a much taller goddess. No rival sluts can step on Holly’s action. She meets her semi-match in a trick who’s spending the afternoon cheating on his wife, a Lothario who enjoys eating Holly’s well-fucked ass. Holly shoos Soleil away and heads back to the trick’s home. He’s one more cheapskate bargain-hunter looking to pay as little as possible but he’s not at all had to negotiate with a clever bitch like Holly Halston. It is a sure wager her magic cunt and butthole will have him driving back to her turf next week. We pity the fool.

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