Rachel Love’s Rack Job

Rachel Love's Rack Job

Who among us does not think Rachel Like is as sexy as a lunch wagon taco in Puebla, Mexico? Miss Like has been handling a mean stick on and off since 1994.

“Rachel Love’s Rack Job” proves the blond Californian with a baby doll voice can handle a billiard stick also. The camerawork is in point of see, sparing us from seeing the human-dildo’s fucking face as that smooth operator fills Rachel’s love tunnel and copulates her unfathomable breast valley on the floor next to the pool table. Your balls are in her corner pocket.

Check out her grip on the dude’s stick as she jerks and yanks, tanalizes and tickles it to a glad ending. Her aim’s a little off but it all ends in a wonderful large mess nonetheless. Chalk up another proud opponent for this hot, little pool hustler! When u lose to Rachel Love, u still win.

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