Ready To Pop

Ready To Pop

Roxanne Miller checks herself out in the models’ dressing room mirror and looks glad at what that babe sees. This babe spends some me-time with her engorged boobies and bushy snatch whilst our camera captures the enjoyment.

XLGirls: So, Roxanne, do you sleep wearing a brassiere?

Roxanne: No. In the abode I am braless.

XLGirls: What is the superlatively worthwhile thing about having greater whoppers?

Roxanne: The finest thing is having the bigger scoops! When you have bigger milk cans you truly become more unequalled coz u leave behind these with greater than average boobies since u have mountainous, much larger love melons than them!

XLGirls: And you do have massive scones now from being pregnant. What is so much fun about your love muffins?

Roxanne: They are full and beautiful firm for how heavy they are. They are pleasure bags not just a pair of lengthy socks dangling from my chest area. Do I sound mean? But, hey! I adore my mambos!

XLGirls: Any comments for the dudes?

Roxanne: In life, always go for big scoops! Be healthy, jack off a lot and stay away from troubles and bad energy. Try to be pleased!

XLGirls: Sound advice.

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