Swim suit Honey

Bikini Vixen

Red Playgirl has a body made for bikinis. Would this wife and Mommy wear this dress in public? This babe could have saved it all for her boyfriend, a longtime SCORE reader but she’s now sharing it with all SCORE guys. They likewise explore their sex dreams together. Red commented about one amorous night they able after joining a swinger married couples web resource so they could pick boys for Red. They themselves are not swinger married couples.

“The very first one was the hottest ‘coz it was unexpected and I didn’t know it was going to happen. I had met the guy, and we were attracted to each other, and we got along well personality-wise. And I remember my hubby asking me if I could picture myself being with him, and I told, ‘Yeah. He is a real hot buck.’

“And I go to ottoman early, usually by 10:30, and I am a real sound sleeper. So this one night, I remember awaking up, and I looked at the clock and I think it was one in the morning, and I could feel hands rubbing my body, and I just love that. I thought it was my husband. And I am laying there and I’m groaning and concentrating on the feel of the hands rubbing me, and a short whilst later, I feel one more set of hands on my body, and I am thinking, ‘No, I’m dreaming.’

“And then I woke more and paid attention, and sure enough, there were two sets of hands on my body, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on?’ And I turned and looked up and it was the boy. I don’t even know what I told, but I had a larger than standard smile on my face, and my spouse was lying next to me watching. And we continued, and the boy touched me everywhere, and I didn’t avoid him. And then my husband viewed for a during the time that, then this gent joined in, and then me and the lad did our thing for what seemed adore forever. Then this ladies man laid on the couch next to us and observed me and my boyfriend do our thing. I do not think he left until six in the morning. It was so hot! It was insanely sexy. I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

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