BONUS Interview

BONUS Interview

Renee Ross is back at XL Beauties. It was unexpected and spontaneous. We’d been in touch since her final visit and often invited her back but Renee is a busy lady and has a hectic job as a cardiac nurse. However, our doors were always open to her. Welcome back, Renee Ross, in this neverseen interview conducted by editor Dave, writer of the DVD Sex In The Breasts and her worthwhile buddy from Renee’s SCORELAND and XL Angels Specific, “Renee Ross: Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am!”

Dave: It’s the great Renee Ross. When u hear yourself described as, “The Great Renee Ross,” what do u think?
Renee: I chortle. And I feel timid and flattered. I am not sure if almost any people ever think of themselves as great. But maybe I am and I do not know it.

Dave: Did u ever think you would be back?
Renee: I’ve definitely thought about it over the years, I think I never had time. Life acquires in the way.

Dave: So you thought about it.
Renee: Yep, I thought about it daily. I brandish people my photos all the time. It’s always a topic of conversation. Each time I see a big-boobed hotty, I tell ’em they must go discharge.

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