“I Like To Sleep Nude”

Renee: I am nervous ‘cuz it’s been so long. I’m amorous to be back, though. I have missed everybody. I especially missed the fans. I always try to read the comments. They’re so sweet and make me feel so nice.

U told u kept in touch with some of the gals you’ve shot with.

Renee: Well, certainly, Ms. Samantha 38G. We’re worthy friends and speak on Twitter a lot. I haven’t talked to her in a year or 2, though. I have kept in touch with Camelia. We really talked about doing a little Sex In The Boobies reunion. It would have been a angels night out in Vegas, but we couldn’t coordinate it. That would have been enjoyment! A not many older SCORE Girls reached out to me, also. Cherry Brady reached out to me, and so did Maria Moore. We not at any time discharged together, but there was a period when we talked all the time.

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