Red, White & Billibongs

Red, White & Boobs

Pleased Labor Day to American SCORELANDERS! A day to kick back and enjoy breasty cuties in SCORE Group magazines, websites and DVDs. But all SCORELANDERS of each nationality can enjoy the bodaciousness of hawt and always cheery Rockell, this year’s Labor Day anchorwoman at SCORELAND.

Rockell is a very direct southern smooth operator. She’s pleased to talk about her milk cans. “I like them to be sucked on and I love them to be played with. I guess I like them to be teased. Just give ’em 100% attention and you’re precious to go. U can bite a little bit, not also rock hard. They’re sensitive!”

If you don’t know that Rockell has a twin sister, u do now. Can you imagine two Rockells?

“I have a twin sister. But she’s a B-cup. We know the difference is night and day, but she doesn’t complain. We’re just 2 different body types. This babe is very slim and I am very voluptuous and shapely and I’ve greater than typical love bubbles.”

Now see Rockell do the Stars & Stripes justice.

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