Drinks on the Rox

Drinks on the Rox

We invited Roxanne Miller to visit one of our European studios because it it is been over a year since this babe final posed beneath the sun of the Dominican Republic with Jennica Lynn, Lavina Fantasy and Vanessa Y. for XL Cuties On Location. Here this babe is in the 1st of a new series, prettier, sexier and bustier than ever and appreciating a cocktail in Prague.

XLGirls: Greetings Roxanne, Do u communicate with any of the other cuties from the Dominican Republic?

Roxanne: Jennica Lynn was just here. I became allies with Lavina but I heard that babe moved without the country [Romania] so we lost touch.

XLGirls: Yeah, we heard that likewise. In a slight in number words, your thoughts about Vanessa Y.

Roxanne: Vanessa is such a ravishing goddess. We talked and had some beers. Being Polish it is kind of in the blood to drink [Laughs]. I laughed a lot with her. Loved her.

XLGirls: Jennica Lynn

Roxanne: Jennica was joy too. But we did not spend as much time jointly.

XLGirls: Lavina Dream

Roxanne: I shared the same room with Lavina so we had lots of pillow talk, each in her bed. One time there was an insect with many legs on the floor and it scared the shit with out me. I was on the top of the bed screaming and that babe went to it with a wipe, took it and set it free outside. I was adore, “Good you were here, you saved my life!” We had coffee jointly and some beers and we laughed a lot!

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