Rockin’ Roxanne

Rockin' Roxanne

XLGirls: You’re a photographer and you likewise like to write. What subjects do you love to write about?

Roxanne: I mostly write about fantasies. I am erotic and I love to write that down. I’ve also written about my life. I was a Jehovah’s Witness and they kicked me out for not being a virgin anymore. It was the best thing that happened to me. It set me free and I lost the fear of being judged for my carnal drive.

XLGirls: What kind of things do your fans ask you to do on web camera?

Roxanne: Well, almost any of ’em are big hooters fans so they are avid about mine! But I have some allies that are into breast expansion role playing. I have some that like to see me smoke, some that adore to see me eat something, some that wanna see me cum and there’re my allies who have been there for me for years now and they relish the fun, the music and the laughter. We do make pleasure of every other all the time.

XLGirls: We hear that u have read Sigmund Freud’s work…?

Roxanne: He was my kind of man. I was talking with some friends and one of them told, “Well, u cant reduce anything to sex, love food, for example.” And I was love, “Oooh, yep! U can! Feeders, food sex.” I was surprised when I read that we adore only the people we are sexually attracted to. I was love, “Okay, this is unconventional to understand later that it indeed happens.” So if we don’t identify anybody a turn-on, we will not adore that person. It will not end into sex most of the times but you need to have a turn-on to be drawn to somebody or smth.

XLGirls: Is there everything we should know about u that we don’t know?

Roxanne: I wish to become a big-bust legend. I also wanna try an experiment. Breast growth through herbs and foods that contain natural estrogen. I won’t try synthetic hormones cuz of their side effects. My sister just won a battle with thyroid cancer and it was tough.

XLGirls: Some models say beer makes ’em bustier. Lastly, do you think u will ever try a boy-girl scene?

Roxanne: I don’t desire to do boy-girls. I can’t screw a lad I met ten minutes ago. Plus I want my fans to fantasize about what it’s love for ’em to shag me than to unveil ’em.

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