Top Enormous Teacher

Top Heavy Teacher

School’s out for the summer, but Sadie Spencer still has a hardly any lessons for us. And we’re her eager-to-learn pupils. Sadie’s lesson plans include anatomy, sexuality and boob-ology. So get your notebooks out, gentlemen, this is a lecture u don’t wanna miss.

“I’m marvelous much infatuated with sex and sexuality,” Sadie told. “Everyone has different buttons, you know? Things that receive ’em sexy and things that turn ’em on. I adore exploring these things and learning what makes anybody tick.”

What turns us on and makes us tick here at XL Girls is hawt cuties with humongous milk shakes. And Sadie is well-acquainted with boob-obsessed chaps.

“You mean just about each boy?” Sadie responded when asked how often bucks inspect her rack. “It’s basically all day. Of course, I do wear outfits that accentuate my milk sacks. If a goddess has it, why shouldn’t that babe flaunt it?”

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