The Return

The Return

We thought heavy-breasted blonde Brit Samantha Sanders was done with adult modeling. Actually, this babe did retire. But then that babe recently decided to un-retire, and this babe contacted her old allies at The SCORE Group.

A lawyer in UK, Samantha’s bazookas could do considerable injury to your neck if that babe dropped them on your head. Fortunately, she uses her super-powers for priceless. Adore getting stripped and wicked and shagging hung men. We played catch-up with Samantha.

How did you come to shoot one more time for us 10 years later? Did we discover you or did you contact us?
Samantha: I contacted The SCORE Group after I became single as I really wanted to glamour model anew.

What size brassiere do u wear now?
Samantha: 34JJ

What much loved brands of bras do u buy?
Samantha: I do not have a beloved truly. Any that fit!

Do you need a bra-fitting, or can you buy bras off the rack?
Samantha: I know my size, so I can command online.

Do you know how much your mounds weigh?
Samantha: Almost two stones. (Twenty eight pounds)

Any comments for the fans?
Samantha: I would like to thank the fans that buy the mags and the DVDs, download the pictures and videos and just like to see me in general. Please let The SCORE Group know if you wish to watch more of me so I can come back and discharge again soon.

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