Glamorous In Pink

Pretty In Pink

When you think about XL Girls, Sarah Rae is the sort of gal that springs to mind. A bright smile, remarkably cute and a Coke-bottle body fit to bear her tremendous milk cans. Needless to say, Sarah has developed quite the following over the years, but this babe hasn’t let it need to her head.

“I’m still just Sarah,” this babe told. “Having greater than run of the mill knockers is part of being me, so it is great that so many lads appreciate ’em. But I am still the same friendly, cheerful hotty I’ve always been, though. Don’t wait any ego trips!”

When you look like Sarah, you are allowed an ego trip or two. And we’d gladly join her for them. We could use a priceless vacation with a supernaturally big boobed hotty by our side. Another thing that hasn’t changed is Sarah’s sex drive. She’s still as excited as she’s ever been.

“You need to mix things up and keep it thrilling,” Sarah said. “Sometimes I’ll just send a boy a pic of me fingering myself or mouthing on my love bubbles. I wanna be on your mind as much as possible. I wish you to urge me.”

No worries there, Sarah.

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