Tropic Plumper

Tropic Plumper

Scarlett Webb, a true southern belle, is marvelous and packed with ripe plumpness. That babe was a great addition to XL Gals.

“I masturbate daily, sometimes a pair times a day,” Scarlett said in an XL Cuties interview. “I have a very high sex drive and have yet to detect a smooth operator that can keep up with me. Sometimes it is just easier to curl up in couch with my dildo or fake penis then to go out on a date, coz I know I will reach climax and then I can fall asleep with a greater than typical smile on my face.”

“I do prefer sex with a ladies man though as opposed to with toys, but I am very picky about who I sleep with, so sometimes a cutie has to make do with what this babe has!”

“At home, I love most of all to walk around bare. If I’m wearing a dress, I wear garters and stockings with no briefs below. The rest of the time I love most of all wearing panties, g-strings and ballsy shorts. I adore lingerie so I’m always looking for something new and hot to wear below my hot clothes.”

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