Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Rep

Flogging brand-new XL Goddess Serenity Starr is a multi-talented musician (this babe can play many instruments), a skilled singer-songwriter (this babe once worked in a restaurant as a singing waitress channeling Dolly Parton), a pro baker, and now, in addition to being a new adult model, Serenity is a SCORE Group customer service rep. Well, at least in this pictorial and movie scene she’s.

Worthwhile God, what breasts that babe has! And what an a-hole! It’s enough to make a grown petticoat chaser weep. Seeing her for the first time in her introductory video and watching her pluck a tune on her areolas and clitty was a high moment in XLGirls entertainment.

Like all of our dedicated customer service reps glad to recommend the very foremost in XL Angels entertainment such as the DVD’s Big Lovin’, Sex In The Love melons, Bigger in size than average Cutie Sex School and many other sexy DVDs and collectors’ magazines, Serenity is kooky to help u ease the burden of that enormous load.

Of course, every job has its down-time so when the rest of the workers is at lunch or has gone home for the evening, and a cameraman walks into the customer service area, Serenity gets a little bouncy and jiggly. These fotos will serve to dramatize what bouncy and jiggly mean.

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