Sex In The Stacks

Sex In The Stacks

XL Cuties occasionally gets emails and comments about what it’s love to work at TSG. “You people have the best jobs in the world,” “What’s it really love there?”and “I want I could work at XL Girls” are just a scarcely any examples. We used to give a guided travel of the building now and then (and the studio if the timing was right) when a very motivated reader either contacted us or simply showed up at the door. Boys have even brought their wives or girlfriends along to see how it’s all done.

This episode is a commonplace day at the office. Our content Archivist, a very important employee, exposes a fresh hire around the building and her department. You’ll recognize our Archivist as none other than Charlotte Beauty, who’s a glamour model herself, and her recent assistanr is Peter, a charmer u also know as a hired cock-man.

Charlotte unveils Peter his desk and PC, then takes him into the stacks, a series of shelving that contains the mature slip content in advance of digital took over. (Some of this material is still used now and then for the print version of XL Girls, such as the December 2014 15th Anniversary issue.)

The aisles are a taut squeeze for 2 people, especially for a beauty whose own stacks extend approximately one foot from her chest. She can’t help but press them against Peter as that babe reveals him this part of the Archive. These soft, warm, thick pillows, consummate for sliding your penis betwixt, make Peter lose it and this buck starts to play with ’em. Since they’re now technically on a lunch break and their time is their own for an 60 minutes, they make a decision to cement their fresh working relationship with a sexy bonk and suck. The management is actually okay with this but would love most of all it if they were alerted 1st so the cameraman could run over and film ’em. After all, these days you’ve got to maximize content production and revenue streams.

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