It’s A Sha Thing

It's A Sha Thing

Sha Rizel climbs the stairway to heaven so stay with her each step of the way. Finding an empty bedroom to acquire cozy in, Sha slides out of her constricted, low-cut top, miniskirt, bra and briefs. You’re invited to go batty as Sha flaunts us what the best-dressed babes wear. Absolutely nothing at all.

“Every lady likes feeling alluring and knowing that fellows admire u,” says Sha, a female-dominator who receives an awful lot of admiration. At the airport on her new trip, many heads spun, one as well as the other male and woman, to see her stunner, probably guessing that that babe was a adult model, a dancer, perhaps a TV personality. “Men shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes view my eyes.”

Sha is a believer in tradition. One of her traditions is cooking the food of her homeland. “I love to cook traditional Ukrainian food. One of my beloved things to cook is borscht, which is a Ukrainian soup with beetroot or a tomato paste as the main ingredient. I too adore making pampushki, which is roast potatoes topped with garlic.”

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