She’s Got Game!

She's Got Game!

We all know that March is the time for potty gamin’ skills. Well, meet the hardest player on the Bootylicious team. “I do not love to be ignored when I wish some admirable lovin’ from a petticoat chaser,” says Georgia peach Keita Eden. “One thing that receives on my final nerve is when I wanna bonk and a stud says, ‘Hold on, I’m watching the game,’ and doesn’t pay attention to me. That’s when I use my HIGH SCORE strategy. I will go and put on his team’s jersey and observe the game with him. Little by little, I commence stroking his knob and before u know it, the T.V. is turned off and I am getting some worthwhile ramrod right on the ottoman. No one can deny me. I got too much booty and too much sass. One thing they can say about me is that Keita Eden always gets her woman chaser and scores!”

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