Skintight Jeans Over A Great Gazoo.

Skintight Jeans Over A Great Wazoo.

There are so many sexy shots of Dors in this set that it’s impossible to pick any favorites. Often overlooked is her ass and her legs. These haunches could get a skirt chaser in one hell of a scissor lock, and to bury your face between her buttcheeks would be more good than a vacation in the Caribbean, unless Dors was with you, of course. We’ve some partiality comments from the boyz about Dors’ almost any new postings. “Dors is off the hook. Her curves knock me out. That babe does that sly wyly look at the digital camera and gently shakes these colossal nice-looking love melons and my penis goes richter. The capper is when this babe beckons with that finger to come closer. Charmer, that babe has some major sex appeal.” (Winter1968) “Such a fetching angel I can at not time get enough of her.” (Mario) “Gorgeous face and gorgeous voluptuous body. I am not into tattoos on a chick at all, but her face is soooo nice-looking and the flawless hour glass figure makes up for it! Too happy she did not tat her love muffins, they are totally perfect for her figure! Very rare.” (bdog1323) Like we told last time, tats are here to stay and more gals are getting them. So look past the tats and do not dwell on them or u will miss all of the heavenly sights at

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