Slick Hottie

Slick Chick

“Mariya is a very precious model,” our contributing photographer told about Mariya Mills, XL Girls’ best kept secret. This charmer discovered her through a friend of hers who thought she was just right. “Mariya gripped everything very quickly and wasn’t hesitant. I have photographed many girls so I was impressed by her personality and interest. She’s a very amiable gal and had precious ideas.”

XLGirls: Mariya, how do u care for your scones?

Mariya: Each night I rub spunk into them. This is a peculiar sperm with many vitamins. I dont stay in the sun for also much time when I go to a park or the sea shore. I don’t go to tanning spas. Sometimes I get special massages to remove toxins.

XLGirls: Have u ever been with a gal?

Mariya: No. I have had dreams of this but I have not at any time been with cuties. I adore boys. Now I am single. I would adore to find a recent husband who is vehement and will be my hero. This Lothario should accept my glamour modeling activities. But you know, many fellows in my country are jealous.

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