Hitomi wheels her suitcase down a back street looking for the abode that babe is supposed to be staying in. It is quiet and empty. The ideal place for Hitomi to toss off her taut fetching raiment. Luckily, no people in the neighborhood saw her. Or maybe they did and enjoyed the flaunt also.

Hitomi, are u timid or outgoing in person? Are you a party goddess?

Hitomi: When I was a teenager, I was wicked and more outgoing compared to right now. I have become more introverted the more I became illustrious. Recently, I truly savour being by myself in my apartment. But I am always looking for smth gripping. So send me a party invitation!

Are u different now sexually since u became a adult model?

Hitomi: I had an inferiority complex ‘coz of my bigger in size than average mounds, but after I became a model, I became more self-confident of my body. I am proud of my career as a adult model. I realize that my pantoons make me special.

Your petite body and alluring face make u specific likewise. How do u adore a ladies man to touch your tits?

Hitomi: My secret part is my nipp. I want it were touched daily. I adore a buck to touch my bosoms unyielding.

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