Swallowing It Entire

Swallowing It Whole

“I’ve never told anyone this previous to, but once, I won a food-eating contest. I was a little ashamed to admit it because it’s not very lady-like. But I have a talent for being expert to gulp things entire, so I figured, ‘Why not make some specie off it?’ Well, I won $500 from that contest. Afterwards, this lad came up to me and said me that that chap detected me very impressive and thought I was very able. We truly hit it off. I felt adore this woman chaser liked me for me. So I showed him what else I could gulp entire. I’ve at not time come across a dong I could not take all the way down. He was impressed, and I would at not time been more turned on. I later found out that this guy has a food fetish…just adore I do. Every time we’d go out to eat, we’d end up fucking. I noticed the more I ate, the more that ladies man wanted me. Now, just about every time we’ve sex, I need to have a little snack along with it.”

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