Enjoyable Talkin’ Lady

Sweet Talkin' Woman

One unfathomable breath and Mia Babe could pop every button of her cardigan. To prevent this, there is solely one thing Mia can do. It’s got to come off even though this babe looks spectacular wearing it, also anything else covering her pleasing plumpness. She knows we need to see these colossal mams, her thick butt and haunches that tantalize.

XLGirls: Tell us what u wanna do that u haven’t done.

Mia: I desire to have sex in the water. Not cold water. Water that’s warm and tropical. I’ve not at any time had this previous to so I’d like to try it. I’ve never had sex in public but I’d adore to have sex in a swimming pool. I had sex in a car. Does that count as public sex.

XLGirls: Some might say yes, others no. Have u ever been in a trio?

Mia: No, I was never in a threeway but if I would desire another beauty and a Lothario.

XLGirls: Tell us what u love to do in ottoman.

Mia: I like to give a woman chaser head. Passionate giving a kiss excites me. My much loved poses are missionary and doggystyle. Some days I will take charge, other times I urge the lady-killer to take control. It depends on my mood that day. I like to get to know anybody in advance of I have sex with him.

XLGirls: Thank u, Mia!

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