Take A Ride With Kaleah

Take A Ride With Kaleah

Most people visit Six Flags Magic Mountain for a fun-filled day with rides and passion. Kaleah Korrine isn’t majority people, though.

“I had a three-some at Magic Mountain,” that babe told. “It was hawt. We were behind one of the rides. My Lothario was rogering me from the back while I was eating the girl’s love tunnel out.”

That is a merry-go-round any of us would like to take a few spins on. Kaleah describes herself as a pretty down-to-earth and easygoing cutie. She is a massive fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, plays poker, and Clueless is her much loved movie scene. But you’ll acquire to separate yourself from the pack if u crave to take a ride with her.

“How a smooth operator approaches me is a big deal to me,” Kaleah told. “I love a lady-killer with confidence who knows what that lady-killer craves from me.”

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