Smack Test

Taste Test

“I’m not really a cooking type of a gal. I’m more of a ‘lay around and bonk me’ kind of cutie. So when I identify a petticoat chaser who will cook for me, it’s a truly bigger in size than standard turn on. But it’s not guaranteed that I will screw u just ’cause you throw some slop together and call it dinner. If what a buck cooks me tastes bad, that gent is out. I relish the finer things in life and if a lad gives me bad food I will just assume this dude is a bad copulate. Now, I don’t wait anything fancy. It could be mac n’ cheese and I’d eat it so long as it tastes worthwhile. And if the lady-killer feeds it to me, it’s over. His ramrod will be in my mouth so fast this chab won’t know what hit him.”

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