Tanalize & Titillate

Tease & Titillate

Monica Adore has come a long way since this babe launched as a chesty and curvacious chubbette. A happy-go-lucky brunette hair, Monica is the kind of beauty who screws and sucks her hubby dry, then irons his shirts and makes him lunch. She is not a porno star in that pro sense of the word. This babe is a girl-next-door who had sex on-camera for the erotic, exotic experiences she wouldn’t have had in her day-to-day life.

Monica is the big boobed little boss in this slightly perverted scene and takes charge of her bonk spouse Tom. A precious boss to have in bed. By now, that babe is batty to smack dong and clutch it in her fascinating little hand whilst Tom sucks on her merry nipples, smelling that squishy scent of mellow, hot girl-flesh and tasting her warm, sweet pointers.

Monica’s crave for role-playing gives way to her lust for a unbending lady-killer to rod her down and give her pleasure with his hard, thrusting tool. Monica’s not at all said if her boyfriends have squirted her larger than average love muffins with their nut-milk after sex as her porn-men have done. Maybe she’ll expect them to now. Very early on, Monica told, “When I give a blowjob, I love to spit it on my billibongs and play with ’em.”

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