The Titties & Boots Of A Blonde Brickhouse Brit

The Wobblers & Boots Of A Golden-haired Brickhouse Brit

Wearing a shiny, red PVC mini-dress and thigh-high red boots, Shannon Blue is a blond brickhouse Brit busting without her previously ordinary life to live her dream. This babe brought this outfit from home and that babe could begin a flash mob if she wore it in public.

Shannon was at not time a stripper or a in nature’s garb adult model. She was never a swinger. She did go to a nudist resort. “I attempted it once in the UK,” Shannon said. “It was a worthy feeling, very liberating.”

Shannon wanted to change her life and this babe did it in a large way, starting with her mambos. They’re now supersized and she desires to go bigger. She wants to have the giant melons in the United Kingdom. She’s a Mamma and a grandmom: “I suppose I’m a GILF.”

Shannon’s also now doing the British phone-in TV appearances adore Danniella Levy does. Popular in the UK, there is no thing like this kind of sexy TV in North America.

“I adore to kick off sex. If I need sex, I’ve to have it then and not wait. I adore it each single day and I am confident about it. I gulp cuz spitting makes a mess. I love being licked and giving blow jobs and being massaged. I masturbate often and I love to wear Latex. My kinkiest experience was bondage sex with my partner. I have not at any time been with one more woman, yet.” That may change as Shannon acquires more and more comfortable letting her libido take over on-camera.

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