The Cutie With A Rack Is Back From Iraq

The Goddess With A Rack Is Back From Iraq

She’s been with out circulation for a during the time that but now she’s back, finally. The redhead with a rack is back from Iraq. Stacked ginger Jolie Rain with a bod to kill for is back at SCORE. Jolie is a walking wet dream in her sexy lingerie and heels. Always muscled like a brick shithouse, Jolie’s pierced melons look larger now. Miss Rain is looking for some sport-sex and she is loaded for bare. Her second fuck-buddy is up for the excited redhead and weapons experienced. Jolie is anxious to practice with his tool using her weapons of mass distraction. “I don’t do the entire girl thing well,” told man’s beauty, former Cajun country Tomboy, movie scene gamer and girl-next-door Jolie who whoops butt repairing muscle cars, practicing mixed martial arts and playing bass guitar. “I would much rather go to a bar and view football than go to the mall and go shopping endlessly.” As one TSG editor who interviewed her a not many years ago put it, “It would be pointless if we were to have a poll that asked which hotty you’d almost all like to have sex with. Taking the vote with a modest 100% of all ballots cast would be the selection ‘All of them.’ However, if we were to have a poll that asked which angel you’d majority adore to sit in a dive bar and have a swallow with, Jolie Rain would acquire to be the preference.” Add acquire “fucked and sucked by” to the poll.

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