The Mirror of Fun

The Mirror of Pleasure

Charlotte Hotty is one big, bad mamma. Even though Charlotte is new to modeling, you’d not at all know it from her moves, either flying solo or getting it on with porn guys. She’s a natural.

XLGirls: How does the sex in a scene compare to your “real life” experiences?

Charlotte Angel: One thing I learned truly quick is that it is not the same at all! In real life sex u don’t need to worry about keeping a camera in betwixt your legs! [Laughs]

XLGirls: Do any other adult models inspire or motivate u? Do you’ve any favorite XL or SCORELAND Girls?

Charlotte Angel: To tell you the truth I don’t actually know any of the XL or SCORELAND Beauties! I should change that, huh? But one more glamour model that I think is beautiful nifty is Phoenix Marie.

XLGirls: Do boys adore me ask u questions about your hooters? What do they ask you?

Charlotte Angel: Yeah. I acquire questions all the time! One of the stupendous is “Are they real?” Another one is “How big are they?”

XLGirls: Were there any things you didn’t know about sex that u learned by watching porn?

Charlotte Angel: Um, I do not think so. I guess almost any of what I learned was from having maturer allies!

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