The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Love bubbles of Helen Star

The Slappin' & Clappin' Pantoons of Helen Star

“My sister Erin and I knew Mia Hottie and that babe said me how great it was to discharge and become a model,” Helen Star told. That babe and Erin became web digi camera models.

“It started as a joke. I wanted to watch how it is but I ended up loving it.” Now they constantly web digi camera. Mia told the cuties about her experiences with The SCORE Group and recommended the Star beauties try talented glamour modeling.

“The entire process is so much pleasure. What gal doesn’t like to be pampered. I get my hair done, make-up, nails, and then the photographer helps me to find the most admirable positions to acquire the best results. I love what I do and u lads have the foremost team to work with.”

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