The Smiley Expose

The Smiley Show

High above Toronto, statuesque Smiley Emma brings her own special style of razzle-dazzle to the large unveil at XL Cuties.

XLGirls: We love your smiling. Are u a born optimist?

Emma: I would not say I’m a born optimist as I do have my pessimistic tendencies but I don’t let things avoid me from smiling and trying to put a smile on others’ faces.

XLGirls: You can suck your nipple and hold your boob with your face hole, hands-free. A special talent.

Emma: I can and do very often when I am online camming.

XLGirls: What kinds of questions do the web camera audiences ask u?

Emma: The majority common question I get is what size my mammaries are and when did I commence developing ’em.

XLGirls: How did you get into the web digital camera world in the first place?

Emma: I was looking for a recent job and my fiance had mentioned I would make a killing at camming as a joke but then we seriously started considering it. After much discussion I finally decided to take the plunge and have been relishing it ever since.

XLGirls: Sometimes we receive the impression that boys go into a cam-room to chat and not ask the glamour models to do anything. Or are we not right?

Emma: I have a lot of people that come to my chat room just to talk about music, movie scenes, video games and other things whether I’m fully clothed or not and I even have some private unveils that I will remain fully clothed and just chat. That being said, I have a lot of people that come to my room and just now ask me to do smth like brandish my mangos or a-hole. As long as they tip appropriately, I’m glad to comply!

XLGirls: Do u know any other big breasted Canadians who’d desire to glamour model for us?

Emma: Not at this time but I will keep an eye out.

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