3 For Enjoyment

Three For Fun

As they say, sharing is caring. And when a gal like Anna Beck is around, you’re not a admirable ally if you do not share her with your buddy. Anna’s body is a raunchy wonderland made to fulfill pleasures majority fellows merely fantasy about.

Leny and Marcel are talking business early on, but being red-blooded males, the conversation inevitably shifts to babes with greater than average zeppelins.

“I hired an assistant,” Leny says. “And you know what that babe has? Big fun bags.”

It’s told that one shouldn’t mix business with enjoyment, but we’re going to acquire to disagree with that idiom. Mixing business with joy appears adore the consummate way to finalize a deal. Anna expertly handles Leny’s and Marcel’s knobs when the 3 head inside. This babe sucks one guy’s cock while jerking the other then switches previous to offering her fur pie to one whilst deep-throating the other. Anna was made for unyielding fucking and those favourable men are taking full advantage.

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