Thick Honey bunny On 10-Pounder

Thick Sweetheart On Dick

Tia Imea was a one-shot wonder, a phrase we’re hate to use but that was the case. Tia wanted a fling at sexy adult modeling and a chance to try a sex scene with a larger than average porn-dick. Mission competent. Then Tia was off to try something else on her “life list.”

Anthony is blindfolded and sitting on the couch, awaiting for Miss Hawt Stuff to walk into the bedroom. They met in a chat room and now they’re hooking up for the real deal. Tia strolls into the room in a constricted top, short skirt and high heels. Pure hard-on material. This babe gives off waves of erotic heat. She touches the blindfolded Anthony.

“I do not want you to see me. I want you to feel me.”

Anthony feels Tia’s lush and plush body, feels her bigger than typical bouncy bosoms and big butt and smells her scent. During the time that he’s sucking her pierced teats, that smooth operator takes off the blindfold. When he sees her, and examines her body, that smooth operator goes fucking kooky, slapping her milk cans and a-hole, spreading her butt cheeks to observe her snatch.

Anthony’s bone is in Tia’s mouth quickly. Tia is the kind of lady who likes meaty, confident guys and Anthony tells her what to do, giving her orders and dominant her in every way as that woman chaser fucks the shit out of her in several poses. That fellow, the porn-cock, is the teacher; Tia is the non-professional model being taught the game. That dude spurts his sperm in her face after a dynamic group sex, wipes his cock on her cheek, and tells her to eat his nut-juice. Her face flaunts the look of a female well-fucked.

It’s a crime that Tia didn’t continue her exposed modeling at XL Cuties.

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