Crap-house Tramp

Toilet Tramp

Whitney Stevens likes to bonk. That babe likes it so much this babe made it her business to bonk. Bored Whitney needs some action. This babe puts on her tightest white costume and her spiked boots and goes out for a stroll. In 2 seconds, the wolf is sniffing her twat, looking to bust a nut on her larger than run of the mill, natural knockers. This gent pulls his car up to her and she walks over to him. The connection is made. But there is a problem.

That lady-killer can not take her home ‘coz of his wife. That could be a serious obstacle to an enchanting copulate scene. She can not go to her place ‘coz that babe still lives with her Mommy and dad and they might receive bent out of shape and take away her shoe allowance. After all, they still have no clue what that babe does all day except leave the abode dressed like a doxy. What are they plan to do now, shag in the car? They can’t. It’s also early in the day.

Whitney has a plan. This babe knows a restaurant that empties out in the afternoon. They can shag in the men’s throne-room. Leave it to Whitney Stevens! The face of a Sunday school teacher, the body of a lap dancer and the brain of a sleazy doxy all in one fascinating package. It’s a worthwhile thing this isn’t a pay shitter or it would cost ten studs. And they don’t have to go far to clean up after they screw.

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