Guess Who’s Returned To XLGirls?

Guess Who's Returned To XLGirls?

Welcome back, Trinety Guess, jiggly, wiggly and buxom redheaded delight. Adore a ripe, pleasant Florida orange you’d adore to squeeze and suck, Trinety G. has a strong effect on one as well as the other girls and boys. Lads wanna group action her, gals wish to lick her.

“I’m your all-around basic kinkster,” says Trinety. She explains why to XLGirls on-video.

Dressed in hawt and laid back girl-next-door Florida style (tight reservoir top, mini-skirt and sexy shoes), this is what Trinety would be wearing if u saw her in a mall or at the park, leaving a bunch of lumpy boys in her wake.

For fun, Trinety enjoys just hanging out at home and playing with her Xbox. And when she is not playing with her Xbox, she’s playing with her other Xbox! The proof is in the pics.

Trinety will be back pretty soon in a Bra buddies & Tugs scene with rock hard wood, her 1st at

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