Barefoot & Pregnant

Barefoot & Preggo

Nice-looking Valerie was eight months knocked-up when that babe posed below sunny skies for this preggy set. “I adore the feeling when my petticoat chaser cums inside me and when I went off birth control, one of his little swimmers connected with his husband!” Valerie said. “I loved being pregnant. My hormones were with out control. So I enjoyed showing myself off in images.”

The pregnancy debate rages on as usual year after year. It is no thing fresh. Some chaps love it. Some execrate it. Some are indifferent. In 2008, we did a poll about preggo glamour models. 34% loved them, 9% liked ’em, 39% hated ’em and 17% didn’t care as long as that babe has greater than typical mammaries. The results are probably the same five years later. We acquire more letters and emails for preggo and lactating beauties than against photographing them. But since the right girls, love Bailey Santanna and Shyla Shy, are stiff to find, and a lot of beauties don’t wish to be photographed preggy, we do not film tons of them. Society tells us that it’s not right for pregnant hotty’s to pose nude or copulate on-camera and this receives ingrained in their heads. But this attitude is slowly changing for the more astonishing, if only in a tiny in number countries.

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