Wanted! More Office Employees Adore Smiley Emma

Wanted! More Office Employees Love Smiley Emma

What self-respecting fan of XL Girls would leave the office early with Smiley Emma working there? They’d work overtime for free. They might even pay the company to sit at a desk near her. We’re not saying lots of work would get done. Most of the time would be spent looking at Smiley.

“I’m effortless to talk to,” said Smiley, a livecam goddess in Canada with gracious, heavy mellons and a glamorous face. “I’m fine, down-to-earth and I’m very naive. I adore males who are the same.” Smiley sports a bush also. That’s hard to discover. Like we wrote, Smiley is perfection from her head to her toes.

Smiley would rather play than work and we honor this progressive corporate attitude. She’d rather draw circles around her nipples with a pink marker instead of highlighting figures in a ledger. She’d rather spread her legs than open up a spreadsheet. Our kind of hotty!

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