What’s Your Sign

What's Your Sign

We don’t know much about astrology here at BootyLicious, but we’re willing to claim Virgo as our favourite star sign after getting a view this sweet heart. Virgo Peridot, our latest whootie, looks as worthy as that babe wants to look and is as bad as this babe wishes to be. All of this makes her just right for our precious buddy JMac. He takes his broads in each flavor, but though that gent won’t admit it, we’re reasonably certain vanilla is his favorite flavor. So we had to give him the first smack of this brand fresh vanilla honey bunny.

Virgo isn’t the type of hotty to just lay back and let the charmer do all the work, though. When u bonk Virgo, she bonks back.

“My favorite positions are doggystyle and cowgirl,” that babe said us. “I’m an active hotty and an active bonk. I indeed have fun cowgirl coz it lets me be in control. I get to screw the boy at the pace I want, cum when I crave and make him cum when I desire.”

And Virgo of course knows how to make you cum. She is an accomplished at cock-sucking, and this babe rides hard weenies love they are custom-fit pogo sticks. And what’s the paramount thing about Virgo? That babe always swallows.

“I think cum is priceless to the last drop,” she said. “If you’re not gonna swallow the jism, receive off the penis!”

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