Entire Lotta Hookers

Whole Lotta Hookers

Not quite anyone can afford one street hooker. Almost all can afford two. But three? Well, you’d more worthwhile acquire your ultimate buddy involved in that one, cuz that’s each man’s dream. In this case, Veronica Rayne, Whitney Stevens and Candace Von, all of whom play the role of big boobed street slut very convincingly, fulfill the dream. Too convincingly. Now, fill in your fantasy. Fuck one of them or bonk all of ’em? Tag team ’em with your buddy or do ’em all together? Copulate their scones, copulate their face holes or screw their snatches. Soever u choose to do, this much is certain: Everybody’s plan to relish, everybody’s going to cum and everybody’s going to receive paid. That’s the great thing about street strumpets. They always give u what you wish.

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